The Belvin Family

Annual Christmas update 2016

Hope your year has been going well.

We had a busy spring. Theresa was in a play for co-op, and she, Stuart and I were in Joseph and the Amazing Color Dreamcoat. We had a great time acting together.

In February Steve got a job offer in Portland, and we were seriously looking into moving. It didn't work out for all of the family, though. We’re staying put. He continues to work for Tacoma Power. He also is a speaking elder at our church.

Our oldest son got engaged in October, and is planning a big wedding in the summer.

Our first grandchild, Shylah, Eric and Danielle's baby, was born on Mother's day. Unfortuneitly, the baby had congenital problems and lived only a few minutes.

Darrel and Jenna are driving for Uber in their spare time and were able to move into a rental house near us.

Cara took an amazing trip to Italy for her architecture major. She worked for Ikea this summer. She is in her senior year at California Baptist.

Theresa is doing Running Start now. She was in two major theater productions this year besides doing Awana and singing in Breath of Aire with us. She was a missionary for Christian Youth in Action during the summer.

Stuart (11) is now a Boy Scout, and is a patrol leader already. He was in Cantate homeschool choir this fall. His new hobby is cardistry. We played a lot of tennis this summer with him.

I continue to direct a local Classical Conversations homeschool community. I also volunteer as a city park commissioner, and am the Truth and Training director at Awana.

May the Lord bless you with his peace, joy, and grace in the coming year.

With love, - Steve and Laura