Summer update 2016

Hope your year has been going well.

We had a busy spring. Theresa was in a play for co-op, and she, Stuart and I were in Joseph and the Amazing Color Dreamcoat. We had a great time acting together.

Steve got a job offer in Portland, and we were seriously looking into moving. It didn't work out for all of the family, though. We'll be staying where we are.

Gary is still living in San Francisco working for Google.

Eric and Danielle got devestating news in February that the pregancy had problems. Their child, Shylah Hope, was born on Mother's Day, and lived few minutes. I was able to fly down to see her. We are so proud of them carrying the baby as long as possible, and continue to pray for them. They have a new puppy, Penny.

Darrel and Jenna are driving for Uber in their spare time.

Cara got back from an architecture trip to Italy. She's working for Ikea this summer.

Theresa will be a summer missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship. She'll be doing Running Start in the fall.

Stuart is starting Boy Scouts, and playing tennis.

We've almost have our deck project completed.

With love, - Steve amd Laura